I'm an experienced instructor, fluent in all styles, and I love teaching. I’ve been
doing it for many years and, in my case, experience counts. I am not wed to one single doctrine or method of instruction. I’ll use whatever tools work best for your individual needs.

If you’re a beginner who wants to jump right in and play right away – no problem. The guitar is a difficult instrument to master, but very easy to fake. If you want to start out simply learning basic chords and chord patterns and playing by ear – that’s fine by me. I’ll have you up and strumming in no time. You’ll be joining a long line of guitar players who don’t read music.. Theory or no theory – you can choose, learn, and succeed either way.

Are you a self-taught player? I have helped many self-taught musicians fill-in-blanks, round off the rough edges and give a name to what they do. Keep your unique sound while adding some techique and strengthening your foundation.

If you're an experienced player, I can show you techniques that will expand your repertoire and improve your playing. Ready for finger picking? I’ve taught it successfully to hundreds of students and I can teach it to you. Do you want to try some bottleneck slide? I’ve toured with blues musicians for years and I know – and can show you – all the tricks in the book, and some that aren’t.

My philosophy is simple: I teach what you want to learn.

Any style: I can, and have, played and taught virtually every style under the sun. Come to me with a song you want to learn – I can listen to it, learn it, transcribe it, and teach it to you. You can learn fundamental techniques within the context of a song you want to learn.

Any method: Different people learn in different ways. There isn’t one right way to teach music. I know a lot of different methods, depending on how an individual best learns. I never impose a method upon a student. I’ll work with you to find what works best for you.

Call me and let’s get started!

NYC: 212-595-3935 | Upstate: 845-810-0400 | email: jeff@jeffdedrick.net